Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012 - Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to the New Year
How was the holiday, wish I can say it was enjoyable but I be lying. At least to a point I will be lying. One thing I can admit to and fully grasp as each holiday gradually fades to a sunset there is a reason why some call their in-laws, out-laws.

For New Year’s Eve, it was spent food shopping to prepare for the return back to school and tentatively enjoying a quiet weekend. That is no such luck; it seems my darling DH accepted a dinner invitation to his mother’s.
First, before you beat me up saying the kids have to see their grandparents, I never stopped him in going. Do not get me wrong, I have not intent to see if I do not want to. Just negative energy drains me to a point that it takes a few weeks to recover.
As I babble, he tells me after I get the food started through my oldest child he is going to his mom’s for dinner and not sure what time he will be home. Fortunately, there was no frying pan out yet. It is just the overall principal to tell me his mother asked to come for dinner and he said yes. He is in this “I AM A MAN PHASE” and will do anything to entice an argument. That was not in the plan because I did not want to start my New Year angry or yelling or even being spiteful. Rather, I just agreed and supported the decision to ensure the children were ready for when they leave.
As for me, I did cook a nice dinner, which was a pork pot roast, hopping john and sauerkraut with apples. It was good and the remainder of the foods was to be eating on the next day for dinner with the family.
After dinner, I went to visit my parents and my sister who came over. As always, for once as much I do understand what the realistic side is of certain things I complain about, maybe one year she will let me vent and agree on what idiots they are. You have grown people on the out-law side who feels it is their job to reprimand my kids and all the children in this family.

When I am not there, they take every opportunity to be the parent of children, which are not theirs, but are hypocrites if someone reprimands their child especially when it is nothing that they felt wrong. If you feel the need to be in charge of your brother and sister’s children and they choose not to comment well then it is their choice. I for one, will not tolerate it and if certain people do not’ appreciate to hear then tell the person to literally turn the other cheek since to their ears sounds like Pig Latin.

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