Thursday, August 9, 2012

No more nasty taffy

No I don't no way no how do I like even look at Mary Jane's. There is something about the taste, how it looks and the annoyance that was one of the candies in my Halloween Bag that always appeared. I hate them don't why and yet hate is strong word but there is something about them.

Why would you name a candy that is tan brown and square after a little girl. Look at it, it is just wrong and the taste is just ECK like sandpaper.  It is also so hard that I that the one time I tried it literally couldn't get it out of my mouth and teeth. My dentist was not happy with that x-ray with the little piece of candy in my teeth. If you are going to name a candy after little girl, stick with pink & sweet and leave candy like that for seaman.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Candy Is Mine

English: An Almond Joy bar, broken in half.
English: An Almond Joy bar, broken in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Candy and memories I can't remember many for when I eat candy I alone in my thoughts for I am too selfish to share with others.

I do enjoy the Halloween when I have to go looking for my almond joy, which by the way is really becoming a hot commodity since I don't see them any more in the bag when I check. I guess growing up in a home where candy was a luxury it had to be hidden since it was to be shared among others, I am pretty flexible but not like that since my siblings did the same. It was a quiet understanding but if one broke it, then the fists came out to defend our stash. Our mom did yell but we didn't say why other than he hit me or she is not be fair.

Mom was to never know and to this day I wonder if she did now but choose to stay away.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gum of Yester Year

What I miss most is the candy from yesteryear available in stores today. When I was in school I carried he following two candies in my bag which one was Fruit Stripe Gum and another Fruit Stripe Gum and Howard's Gum which my mouth smelled like grapes.

The only time I was see them is at a Cracker Barrel or old time country store while on vacation. New York I think sometimes doesn't believe in keeping things from the past, it is time to move on and take the next big thing. With everyone finding to healthy the old candy was hard to find. It is mostly pure sugar some but I was fine nor was eating it consistently. Everything is moderation which is why I think certain things go off the shelf as fast as they do.

If I do see the Howard's Gum I plan on picking it up. As I write and look at the picture I am craving the taste for I wonder if it tastes the same or just tasted better when I was younger and smoking more.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

My Liege to the Candy Fiend

Candy is good, candy is fine, candy make me lose my mind.  I love it but I always enjoyed the odd as I go older. 

From what I remember was the necklace given at a birthday party when I was still a toddler around three.  Being a girl, I was fashionable with my home made clothes and then the jewelry topped it off. I had a colorful candy necklace so if I go hungry I was able to eat.

Candy Necklace

All kidding aside, it was the first and I didn't realize what it was other than pure sugar. If my mom knew then that I had traces of ADHD I may never would have experienced the taste because of "hyped up" from what I did after. Let just say lesson learned as an adult and now I monitor my daughter's intake.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

For Me??Sweet Maybe

List of county routes in Suffolk County, New Y...
List of county routes in Suffolk County, New York (51–75) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A smile is a considered sweet after a bad day, for me with a chaos of playing chauffeur for my kids it is nice to see that there is that one driver in Long Island who doesn't feel they are entitled to the road.

To find a kind eye who would allow someone to pass in front of them and avoid the race of that I have to be first before the light changes.  How hard is it to stop road hogging and let people through. The courtesy of a light or a hand gesture to let a person through especially after a long day. It does get paid back in Karma, I do,

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Do I love Thee?

Cover of "Pugs (Complete Pet Owner's Manu...
Cover of Pugs (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
How can one communicate their love for you, for me today was a pug with these big black round eyes as marbles.  

At this time I am dog sitting my aunt's dog by the name of Paulie and he is definitely a Paulie. At first when he came he was quiet and observing then gradually began to make himself comfortable with the home.  

This puppy is just adorable that everywhere I go he follows, back from the good old days when my children followed me.  He waits by the door until I return from going out.   I think this is the most affection from any male that I received in my life.  At least when I am home still looking for work 

This is not even my pug in the picture but I have it just to see him to know why I feel the unconditional love for him and vice versa. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Darkness of my life

Yes  there is darkness in my life of who I follow which is the Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bar. It is the sweet touch of bitterness that I crave for.

As with all darkness comes it has consequences which as such becoming a rare item to find.   Since the last time I had the extra dark finishing off my Easter candy in late May the craving came again but never left.  Over the last two months, I have not seen a Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar in my local 7-11, CVS, Waldbaums and other shopping establishments which is highly upsetting.  When I have a bad day or knowing the mess I would come back to after food shopping, I pick up my Hershey's Extra and slowly eat it as I go home.

At my last doctor's appointment in Setauket, I was disappointed so as always the way to comfort myself is with something sweet that put me on a mission for my chocolate. As I was driving home, I stopped at CVS and lo and behold there was the Hershey Special Dark.   That made my day much more satisfying, the quick fix to allow myself to breath and not think about the negative rather just breath in the sweet bitter taste.

It is the simple things that can always make us feel better, personally I wish I was a kid so I can have mommy make it go away than have it fester with me.

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August 2012

August is here which means 5 months closer to year end.  I have no idea of what to feel and who.

Last time to commit.