Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Great Loss to the Disco World

This is a week that I have realized another piece of my childhood is slowly leaving me.  First the Great Ms. Donna Summer passed away from cancer on Thursday, May 17 and today the twin of Maurice Gibb Mr. Robin Gibb passed away today. 

The man from the pictures I have seen didn't let the disease stop him.  As frail as he looked, he kept doing things as a healthy man would. It is a shame that this family has lost the men at such a young age beginning with Andy on his way to stardom away from his older brother's shadow, then Maurice who passed away at 53 on January 12, 2003.  The BeeGees and Saturday Night Fever, that one album taught me the dance and become a expert in doing the hustle.  

With iconic Ms. Donna Summer who brought so many songs that we hear at parties and you see everyone come up and dance.  Everyone who I knew owned "On the Radio, Volumes 1 & 2" and just dance away.  Even as I hear Hot Stuff, I remember skating at Laces with my friends and of course when Last Dance came on we knew it was time to get ready to go home.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

VistaPrint - Still The Best

VistaPrint is one of the well-known business card printing services.  It is not limited to just business cards, for it offers Christmas Cards, labels, t-shirts, decals, magnets, websites and the list goes on. What is great about VistaPrint there is always a sale for what you are looking to purchase with free shipping.  VistaPrint always thinks of the consumer first and ensure that when they purchase a product they have a repeat customer. 

With the pending graduations coming up, what better for the college graduate is a business card with their information so when they branch out to the working world, they are ready.  While thinking of the graduate, why not give him/her a website to with Vista Print and add it to the business card. With the business cards for the graduate, do not forget dear old dad by including him on the sale.  As it is summer, approaching another item to consider is T-Shirts for summer camp trips or family reunions.   Lastly, another thing, which is great to remember, is that summer means garage sales so pick up the lawn signs. 

VistaPrint as it continues to expand, it stays true to where it all began by keeping repeat customer and prices reasonable. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Academy Goes To...

The game of Charades is the best way to begin one's acting career. If you think of what it details knowing that you have to convince the person who it is you are.. If they are able to guess immediately, it shows that it was too easy or maybe went for the obvious.

Here is the opportunity to allow yourself to act the scene out of a favorite movie or act out the performer for the movie and even a simple posture to express it with raw emotion.  We all like to be a performer deep down inside, so earn the Oscar.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miss Scarlett

The infamous Miss Scarlett it the person that perhaps at least most girls want to be when playing Clue.  With her I can say I was one of the guilty ones.  She is the one of most sensuality that when she did it with the candlestick in the conservatory, it did not matter.  Though she murdered the vile Professor Plum or the orrnery Colonel Mustard the reason was understood why either of the two was to be killed.

For you are not to inflame the anger of a woman in Red.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladder, Ladder

How can one say know the treachery that Chutes & Ladders give us.  How we get frustrated that we are almost at the top and then the snap of the spinner we are back to square one.

There was a part in Grown-Ups where Chris Rock (Kurt), Adam Sandler (Lenny) and Kevin James (Eric) playing the game as it was poker.  I enjoyed how they played it for money while using food pieces as chips to gamble on the game. 

Yes the game is competitive and I will admit I do get frustrated when I am about five spaces from winning and I get the ladder that goes back to the bottom. It is an evil evil game and I did when I was younger and playing today with my eight year old gets very competitive and ugly.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Mad Hatter

Playing Monopoly I strongly believe is superstistion that in order to win you must play the piece that you are in order to win.  We feel that if we don't have the right piece that we can't win and lose our focus because it isn't our piece.

I like the hat for it reminds me of being a Mad Hatter as in Alice in Wonderland as I study my opponets.  The strategy of the game is always mind blowing and to be one step ahead.  To be calculating is a intricate talent that only a person with a mind of genuine uniqueness can understand and wn.

Don't not think more of what the hat offers, it is not the top hat of that jolly mustached man on the box, no it is the mad hatter who knows all to well.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Go Fish

To state Gold Fish is to this day, I have yet to figure it out. I have had all three of my children teach it to me but for some odd reason, I cannot grasp it.

As simple as it is, I have yet for the life of me understand the mechanics.  But I cannot say no when asked especially as I began the withdrawal process from it a new generation of young cousins arose to play it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunny Volleys

When I went to high school, there were two gym sports I liked to play which was volleyball and dodge ball.  These were the only two classes I enjoyed going to to release any bad moods during my four years of high school.

After high school, there were not many volleyball leagues and yet I wanted to play when I find out that I do not have experience enough. As I moved to Long Island being close to the beach and then finding out there volleyball leagues. Yet once again, to continue from the May 9th's prompt I am a average player and with all sports it is very competitive.

If I look beyond the competitiveness I like to play volleyball where it combines upper and lower body along with wicked workout. Of which volleyball I want to play it is the one on the beach. It is not at all easy especially after the rain.  I love to be in the sun and most probably be nice and tan with a nice perk of being thinner. Volleyball gives the opportunity to work as a team and each person gets a turn in serving the ball.

If the person I want to be for a volleyball player is Gaby Reese.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

City Sports

Sports from where I grew up I don't think is considered an Olympic activity.   I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens so what we did after school, before school and summer was anything that we use a handball with.

In order to play sports unless you could afford it, it wasn't going to happen. The ones who could afford were in Catholic school and with the sport crowd at the high school.  The movies don't lie, it that exact with divided into sections. 

So being the poor our Olympic game was handball which combined aerobics and strength training. Of course it was competitive between schools and cities in the surrounding area. I will be honest, I was not the greatest of players but I tried.

Today living in the Island there is much of selection of handball courts. I think in my 15 years living here I have only seen one at Cedar Beach.  I guess I didn't realize I miss as much for they do not have many stoops in West Babylon or let alone Long Island also. All just flat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Win With Dignity

When I was young my parents and teachers taught me how to win right and especially today there is no dignity when you win.

When I won, I had to be humble and congratulate the team that loss. The reason why it taught in that manner that do on others as you do on to you.  As you can see it comes from a catholic school upbringing but it should be the first thing you learn when playing a sport.

I won't say all coaches are like that because there some good one who listen to the child and play for fun.   For every good coach unfortunately there are double the amount of bad. These are the coaches that made me not want to play if I didn't do my best I wasn't picked. The children who were ringers got picked because all they cared about is winning.  What good is winning if there is no one to share it with nor why would you want to play with them.

Be smart, remember kids try their best and some have the talent. If you think and coach in a way that the child with talent can help out those who are not as good.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There are no winners..just try to get along

As a mother of three children, I thought by now I have a better grip of how to react my child lost.  I do not have it all because what worked for one child has a negative effect to another.

To simply state, I am upset and my eyes show the sadness knowing how they worked.  For me, the big girl pants come and then take a deep breath. You do not want the kids to see upset for it upsets them thinking they failed you.  As I approach my child, I look with love in my eyes ready to give them a hug and say you will do better next time.  I am happy that you like to play for yourself and no one else.  You are not paid to act out a scene or score a home run. That is later in life when you know you have to try your best.

Monday, May 7, 2012

You are a girl

Yes, I like to know I am a girl and playing sports was a not an option.  I didn't play any school sport until high school for gym.

I did like playing sports and beating the boys. I know not very nice but I felt more comfortable with them than creatures of my own nature. As we played football, grabbing each other with tackling by the time I was 12 I was told not to play anymore and today I understand why.

Outside of football it came to playing stoop ball, handball and dodge ball. That was dangerous in itself because when the block party time came a lot of aggression was let loose. By the end of the night woke with welts on my legs.

Sports, to each its own but I rather watch my kids since my gift disintegrate as I got older pretty much when I left high school

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Giggling Truckers Wife: Recess

The Giggling Truckers Wife: Recess

The Double Dutch Bus

When I was young, a mere child of 10 each day and when gym was outside, the plans were made for the double-dutch game.

As we wait and watch the last five minutes of the clock each of us keeping quiet in class as a rule in Catholic School each planning who was to jump first or who will be turning the rope. It was a group of girls perhaps 10 and played different types of double dutch games. 

Being precocious 10 year old and any reason to sing a song and guess what your boyfriend's name will be. Then there would be giggling but that as what innocence a 10 year old has and should always be.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Won't You Play With Me???

The days of many moons ago where when it was time to play with your friends, it wasn't online it was in the fresh air.

I grew up in Brooklyn for the first ten years of my life and the remainder of my childhood till I got married in Ozone Park, NY.  The one thing I can say is there was always someone to play with especially with a park within a five block radius. 

In Brooklyn, I was the baby of my friends who were two years older than but we were our own little click of Barbie girls.  We played Barbies with clothes my mom made for me and gave them out as favors for my birthday parties.  Then there were days when we just played double dutch especially when my friends had their birthday parties and family came over. As the summer arises, it was skullsy.  With skullsy we all took turns of who would draw the board in the street and collecting the caps from our parents beer bottles. 

Then in Ozone Park click was varied since not many kids were not friendly and clicks were already made.  There were three girls and this time I was the oldest but the girls were like a covenant of sneaks and two faced liars. There were day that we did play outside but it didn't go beyond the street, no one came in the house nor was allowed to go to their homes.

As you can see the Brooklyn was like family just a shame that it had to end when things got unsafe in the neighborhood.

E. E. Cummings

In today's world, it is difficult to find at least to me a realistic approach to what is going on. I can so for myself I am negative but look for realistic views of the world. Though no one likes to hear the negativity I respect it more when I hear it and move forward from there.

in spite of everything by E. E. Cummings
in spite of everything
which breathes and moves,since Doom
(with white longest hands
neatening each crease)
will smooth entirely our minds

-before leaving my room
i turn,and(stooping
through the morning)kiss
this pillow,dear
where our heads lived and were.

I'll be your friend

When I was a child of many moons that passed, the first ten years I had many friends and very family oriented block. We all got along and trust me we had our bad days.  Even with bad day we divided into smaller groups and just waited it out.

Then the dark clouds appeared and we moved to Queens which was a very big change.  The kids were not very open to a girl whose mom made her clothes because everyone else had better things. It took a while for acceptance but no close friendships were established and I was more lonelier.  If I had a fight with one person and someone would take a side.  Then from there until she accepted my apology I pretty much played in my backyard than be made fun of when I walk down the block or sit on my stoop.  

It just is horrible and part of it still happens today. I just wish I knew the name of the book is to be accepted as part of a group not just a grunt.