Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leather Weather Is Best

There are those that love summer and wearing shorts and there are those who love the feel of snow brushing across their face.

As for me trust me I love warm weather but personally the way I go is Leather Weather. I love wearing my bike jacket with my boots and jeans. When I wear them I feel confident and the young me is being shown. It is a part of me that I never want to lose especially memories of my hair band days.

Most of my boyfriends were the rockers with the long hair, dark eyes and earrings in which loved walking hand in hand in our jackets.  It just had that rebellion look to it.

When Leather Weather arrives it is neither hot nor cold but just right. It is when you walk out during the night and still able to have your jacket open.

Visualize as cool in flip flops and skiing or making snowman, look at Leather Weather that even in the rain it has a nice look to it with the drops trickling from it.

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