Thursday, March 1, 2012

To be or not to be...that is the question

First, I like to say that as a person diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder when uncertainty meant scary.  When I say scary on a scale ranging from one to ten, my score would be a thirteen due of the anxiousness of what uncertainty lies ahead. 

Since starting therapy a few months ago, one item on top of the list was to look at the uncertain.  When the feeling of uncertainty arose in me, the fear became overwhelming to the point that my face turned pale. 

If the uncertainty of how you feel makes you scared, you cannot allow the fear to overwhelm you.  If you are scared, believe in yourself to not fear it rather anticipate it whether positive or negative. 

If the uncertainty is exciting, take a three deep breath counts and count to five.  Remember when it is exciting remember to keep aware and not think logically because the emotions you just want to ride that high. 

The main thing of all is to be confident with yourself accept what uncertainty it will bring to you.  Whether it is exciting or scary, keep a clear mind before your emotions take the control and be regrettable.  

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