Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My other sister

My other sister owns the other piece of my heart and like those charms that have a broken heart. When I met my sister she literally hated my guts and wanted to kick my ass.  

The wuss I was put two and two together when I saw her staring at a guy I knew. The only logical way to resolve my backside from being kicked was to find a way to introduce them.  Though many years the relationship didn't go long nor have they seen each other she still stayed my friend.

She puts up the tough mean front but inside she is gooey like peanut butter and jelly on toast.  She is protective and supportive. As though we don't want to hear the truth, coming from her it hurts but it goes away for it was not for selfish reason.

The proudest moments to date I recently shared was her daughters wedding and the honor of being one of the Mistress of Ceremonies. I helped with the favors, setting up the tables and distributing the programs. It was a beautiful day.

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