Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Only Tags with Red

I am going to share a story of when I went to the store with my then 5 year old son Ryan and 3 year old daughter Daelyn. I am a frugal individual with coupons in my bag and car just in case if something happens it is readily available in addition to my coupon caddy.

As I went to the store one day, my son saw a shirt he liked and asked if he can get it and I said no. He asks why not and I took the take and showed the difference between a sale item and a full price item.  I showed him that one label with no marks or stickers means it is too much money but if a tag has a red line or stickers on it it can be considered.  As we were walking through the mall pointing out to both children to show them what is signs of a sale.

One day my sister took my children out and though she is frugal, if my kids wanted she would get it for them. My son saw this toy and my sister saw his eye on it. She asked if he wanted it and my son says no Aunt Virginia, it does not have sticker or a line through it. My sister asked him what does that mean he explained if it has no sticker or red line he can't have it. Lets just say my sister along with the few people around her at the time and reprimanded me when I got home asking what kind of crazy mother would teach their kids that.

Well guess what, I have three kids and when ask to buy something with their money they ask for me for the coupons and use them. I guess something good came from it.

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