Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Problem is only as big as you want it to be

When I first got married a problem which I took to heart was getting along with my extended family and being accepted.  As the years progressed still feeling like an outcast when general conversation about asking the kids or how is work it was ignored.  Yet the other family members who arrived after me seemed to be welcome with open arms and treated with respect.

Over the years I realized the only person getting sick was me and the rest of the family were going on with their merry ways.  Over the course of time and the support of a therapist I no longer am looking for approval.  If they choose to behave that way toward me it is their decision and should not have to try so hard.   Respect is earned not brought or adapting to what they want you to be.

In life, no matter what though can be hard always be yourself it isn't worth hours of therapy to understand that only you make the problem bigger than it has to be.

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