Monday, August 6, 2012

My Liege to the Candy Fiend

Candy is good, candy is fine, candy make me lose my mind.  I love it but I always enjoyed the odd as I go older. 

From what I remember was the necklace given at a birthday party when I was still a toddler around three.  Being a girl, I was fashionable with my home made clothes and then the jewelry topped it off. I had a colorful candy necklace so if I go hungry I was able to eat.

Candy Necklace

All kidding aside, it was the first and I didn't realize what it was other than pure sugar. If my mom knew then that I had traces of ADHD I may never would have experienced the taste because of "hyped up" from what I did after. Let just say lesson learned as an adult and now I monitor my daughter's intake.

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