Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Do I love Thee?

Cover of "Pugs (Complete Pet Owner's Manu...
Cover of Pugs (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
How can one communicate their love for you, for me today was a pug with these big black round eyes as marbles.  

At this time I am dog sitting my aunt's dog by the name of Paulie and he is definitely a Paulie. At first when he came he was quiet and observing then gradually began to make himself comfortable with the home.  

This puppy is just adorable that everywhere I go he follows, back from the good old days when my children followed me.  He waits by the door until I return from going out.   I think this is the most affection from any male that I received in my life.  At least when I am home still looking for work 

This is not even my pug in the picture but I have it just to see him to know why I feel the unconditional love for him and vice versa. 

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