Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gum of Yester Year

What I miss most is the candy from yesteryear available in stores today. When I was in school I carried he following two candies in my bag which one was Fruit Stripe Gum and another Fruit Stripe Gum and Howard's Gum which my mouth smelled like grapes.

The only time I was see them is at a Cracker Barrel or old time country store while on vacation. New York I think sometimes doesn't believe in keeping things from the past, it is time to move on and take the next big thing. With everyone finding to healthy the old candy was hard to find. It is mostly pure sugar some but I was fine nor was eating it consistently. Everything is moderation which is why I think certain things go off the shelf as fast as they do.

If I do see the Howard's Gum I plan on picking it up. As I write and look at the picture I am craving the taste for I wonder if it tastes the same or just tasted better when I was younger and smoking more.

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