Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunny Volleys

When I went to high school, there were two gym sports I liked to play which was volleyball and dodge ball.  These were the only two classes I enjoyed going to to release any bad moods during my four years of high school.

After high school, there were not many volleyball leagues and yet I wanted to play when I find out that I do not have experience enough. As I moved to Long Island being close to the beach and then finding out there volleyball leagues. Yet once again, to continue from the May 9th's prompt I am a average player and with all sports it is very competitive.

If I look beyond the competitiveness I like to play volleyball where it combines upper and lower body along with wicked workout. Of which volleyball I want to play it is the one on the beach. It is not at all easy especially after the rain.  I love to be in the sun and most probably be nice and tan with a nice perk of being thinner. Volleyball gives the opportunity to work as a team and each person gets a turn in serving the ball.

If the person I want to be for a volleyball player is Gaby Reese.  

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