Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Won't You Play With Me???

The days of many moons ago where when it was time to play with your friends, it wasn't online it was in the fresh air.

I grew up in Brooklyn for the first ten years of my life and the remainder of my childhood till I got married in Ozone Park, NY.  The one thing I can say is there was always someone to play with especially with a park within a five block radius. 

In Brooklyn, I was the baby of my friends who were two years older than but we were our own little click of Barbie girls.  We played Barbies with clothes my mom made for me and gave them out as favors for my birthday parties.  Then there were days when we just played double dutch especially when my friends had their birthday parties and family came over. As the summer arises, it was skullsy.  With skullsy we all took turns of who would draw the board in the street and collecting the caps from our parents beer bottles. 

Then in Ozone Park click was varied since not many kids were not friendly and clicks were already made.  There were three girls and this time I was the oldest but the girls were like a covenant of sneaks and two faced liars. There were day that we did play outside but it didn't go beyond the street, no one came in the house nor was allowed to go to their homes.

As you can see the Brooklyn was like family just a shame that it had to end when things got unsafe in the neighborhood.

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  1. What wonderful memories!!