Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Great Loss to the Disco World

This is a week that I have realized another piece of my childhood is slowly leaving me.  First the Great Ms. Donna Summer passed away from cancer on Thursday, May 17 and today the twin of Maurice Gibb Mr. Robin Gibb passed away today. 

The man from the pictures I have seen didn't let the disease stop him.  As frail as he looked, he kept doing things as a healthy man would. It is a shame that this family has lost the men at such a young age beginning with Andy on his way to stardom away from his older brother's shadow, then Maurice who passed away at 53 on January 12, 2003.  The BeeGees and Saturday Night Fever, that one album taught me the dance and become a expert in doing the hustle.  

With iconic Ms. Donna Summer who brought so many songs that we hear at parties and you see everyone come up and dance.  Everyone who I knew owned "On the Radio, Volumes 1 & 2" and just dance away.  Even as I hear Hot Stuff, I remember skating at Laces with my friends and of course when Last Dance came on we knew it was time to get ready to go home.  

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