Thursday, May 10, 2012

City Sports

Sports from where I grew up I don't think is considered an Olympic activity.   I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens so what we did after school, before school and summer was anything that we use a handball with.

In order to play sports unless you could afford it, it wasn't going to happen. The ones who could afford were in Catholic school and with the sport crowd at the high school.  The movies don't lie, it that exact with divided into sections. 

So being the poor our Olympic game was handball which combined aerobics and strength training. Of course it was competitive between schools and cities in the surrounding area. I will be honest, I was not the greatest of players but I tried.

Today living in the Island there is much of selection of handball courts. I think in my 15 years living here I have only seen one at Cedar Beach.  I guess I didn't realize I miss as much for they do not have many stoops in West Babylon or let alone Long Island also. All just flat.

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