Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Win With Dignity

When I was young my parents and teachers taught me how to win right and especially today there is no dignity when you win.

When I won, I had to be humble and congratulate the team that loss. The reason why it taught in that manner that do on others as you do on to you.  As you can see it comes from a catholic school upbringing but it should be the first thing you learn when playing a sport.

I won't say all coaches are like that because there some good one who listen to the child and play for fun.   For every good coach unfortunately there are double the amount of bad. These are the coaches that made me not want to play if I didn't do my best I wasn't picked. The children who were ringers got picked because all they cared about is winning.  What good is winning if there is no one to share it with nor why would you want to play with them.

Be smart, remember kids try their best and some have the talent. If you think and coach in a way that the child with talent can help out those who are not as good.

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  1. I agree with you that the attitude we display, is equally, if not more so, important as whether we lose or win.